Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Leadership Smeadership

Okay. I know it’s a settings thing. Sometime, a long, long time ago – probably when leadership was being invented – I must have indicated that I wanted LinkedIn to serve me anything to do with the act of leadership.

So on a daily basis, I read headline after ever-freaking-painful headline (and a bunch of personal updates too) on what a great leader is, how to be one, and what to do if you’re not one.


Believe me, crappy leaders didn’t make the same mistake I did. LinkedIn isn’t serving them the Leadership barf that the rest of us are seeing. They don’t care. So please – how do I change my settings?

Here’s my list of the leaders not hearing all the great leadership insight being served by the leadership experts on LinkedIn.

  1. The smartest guy in the Room – trust me, it’s a guy. This dude has all the answers. Always has. Always will. His business could and will be falling down around his ears at some point but he IS IN CHARGE. That’s leadership baby. If you don’t like it. Leave.
  1. The ‘successful’ entrepreneur. This dude (yeah, almost certainly a dude too) has already built and sold a business. Nothing that applies to anyone else applies here. Every business this dude touches is different and the sheer brilliance required to deliver on that pretty much eliminates the need for any outside perspective.
  1. The struggling entrepreneur. Do you think this person has the time to surf LinkedIn for leadership advice? Really? Just staying afloat is tough enough, especially with people quitting all the time. No time for leadership advice here. Move along.
  1. The ‘successful’ leader. We all are. Let’s face it. And frankly, we know so much and we’re so busy sharing our leadership brilliance and trying to stand out from all the other successful leadership junkies, there’s no freaking way we’re reading your stuff.
So. Bottom line. Enough with the leadership advice!  The people who need it don’t care. And the ones who care aren’t leaders. They’re employees. Wishing that one day soon a  real leader will walk into their life.